Fabien Darbon

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Food & Beverage Business Expertise
Financial and managerial performance

Europe, Africa, Asia, United States.

FD Consulting & Services assists restaurateurs, hotel industry professionals, entrepreneurs and public stakeholders with all their catering and F&B requirements.

FD Consulting & Services’ Food & Beverage sector activity is focused on the following areas :

Definition of concepts for restaurants and associated sectors

Concept definitions and concept proposals. Definition and integration of all constituent parameters. Customer concept and experience. Analysis of needs, natural and potential clients, catchment areas and environments. Seasonality. Global offers. Payroll and operational organisation.

Audit and recommendations

– Investigative solution. Evaluation by sector, recommendations, individual and automatic adjustments, operational implementation.
– Full audit of all sectors. Study of sector functioning and interactions. Revenues, cost of sales, margins, operating costs, service providers, human resources, operational functioning, concept and offers. Recommendations and possible implementation of recommendations in the case of further development.

Asset management restaurants and F&B division

Medium or long-term follow-up of outlets. Strategy, activity forecasts, evolutions and fine tuning.
Adjustment of financial and managerial performance.

Evolutions and adjustments

Adjustments are carried out for all constituent parts of the activity. Evolutions aim to adjust and optimise revenues and margins, as well as operational functioning.

Definition of concepts and development of ties with external operators

As part of the development of an outsourced F&B activity, FD Consulting & Services will identify the most relevant partners and can approach external operators (brand operators or the best-placed private operators).

Feasibility studies

Production of feasibility studies and trading forecasts. This is often a necessary prerequisite for obtaining financing and constitutes a decision-making tool (e.g. dashboard for the entrepreneur).

Development strategies

Definition of Food & Beverage development strategies:

  • Development and sectorial approach.
  • Geographic expansion and implementation / set-up assistance.

Pre-openings, openings and adjustments

  • Equipment and layout requirements, definition by sector and calls for tenders. FF&E, BOH, OS&E.
  • Human resources: definition of requirements, planning, recruitment, managerial training, training in all sectors.
  • Selection of service providers and suppliers.
  • Menu design and definition of the global offer. Pricing, margins, average cheques, consumption reflexes, package menus, customer approach.
  • General pre-opening and opening coordination.
  • Operational opening support.
  • Post-opening adjustments and fine-tuning.

A propos

Food & Beverage Business Expertise
Financial and managerial performance

Fascinated by les arts de la table (tableware and decor), as well as the conviviality and atmosphere traditionally associated with the restaurant industry, Fabien Darbon entered the profession at a young age to finance his studies at the University of Aix en Provence.

What was supposed to be a casual job fast turned into a vocation, and the responsibilities arrived rapidly.

At ease abroad – the logical result of an adolescence partly spent in West Africa and the Maghreb – Fabien Darbon was quick to take up an opportunity in California to launch a restaurant in Los Angeles (Pastis, West Hollywood).

Fabien Darbon

This was his first real experience of managing a restaurant opening, and was followed by a career spanning more than 15 years in F&B management and entrepreneurship.

With his rich operational background, Fabien Darbon now passes on his knowledge and assists industry professionals in his work as a consultant.

His expertise is backed up by a network of partners specialised in specific areas.